Private and corporate aircraft management

AEROVISTA SAN MARINO offers comprehensive aircraft management solutions including aircraft registration and operations support to its private and corporate aviation customers. San Marino is a global choice for aircraft registration, it is well positioned to help aircraft owners realize the fiscal and operational benefits of the T7-Register. We offer aircraft registration, administration, management and technical staff who have the experience and expertise to service and safeguard your aircraft operation from day one.

Registration process is straightforward and can be accomplished in one to three business days following the airworthiness inspection of the aircraft.


The San Marino Aircraft Registry is open for private and corporate air transport operations, aircraft registered in San Marino will be exempt from taxation or import duties if the fixed-wing aircraft maximum take-off weight (MTOW) exceeds 5,700kgs. EASA jurisdiction assures highest standards in operation and maintenance of the Aircraft.

  • Aircraft registered in San Marino will be exempt from taxation
  • Flexibility in the ownership and operation of aircraft by foreign individuals and corporate entity
  • Aircraft registration takes one to three business days
  • San Marino Aircraft Registry is committed to Cape Town convention to protect your rights and interests
  • 24/7 High quality and efficient support
  • Aerovista’s Highly experienced and qualified team


  • Aircraft registration
  • CAMO & maintenance support
  • Aircraft Insurance and cost optimization
  • Comprehensive aircraft operations management