We ensure that our customer is well trained during the tenure of the operating and finance lease to handle modern equipment

Operating Lease

Our operating/dry lease solution is based on the medium to long-term lease of the aircraft asset alone to the client airline without the provision of crews, maintenance support, insurance or AOC. These dry-lease solutions are time-based (a number of months or years) rather than utilization based (a number of hours).

Finance Lease

Aerovista is involved in all aspects of leasing aircraft and engines. It offers unmatched bespoke solutions to meet your business needs. Our financing options are flexible, easy to understand and transparent to enable the customer to understand all aspects of the transaction.

We also provide flexible installments within finance lease to suit the customer’s seasonal business fluctuations. We are able to provide short term and long term financing depending on customer needs. Aerovista also provides a complete end to end business solution where we support the customer with modern equipment and structured transactions; starting with finance lease we assist our customers with all areas of aircraft management like crew, maintenance, Insurance and operations management.


We ensure that our customer is well trained during the tenure of the finance lease to handle modern equipment (or alternative aircraft types). Our endeavor is to ensure that at the end of the finance lease tenure, and aircraft handover, the customer is able to independently operate the new aircraft without our support.