CAMO Services

We assist you to comply with aircraft legal and technical requirements.

About CAMO service

Aerovista Engineering is an approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO). We offer Continuing Airworthiness Management service to airlines, operators, aircraft owners, financiers, banks and private entities.

Aerovista Engineering has professionals with extensive experience in different regions and can mobilize resources for the provision of technical services to customers in a very short time.

Our Approach

-Development, certify and control of a suitable Aircraft -Maintenance Programme (AMP)
-Management and approval of modification and repairs
-Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance program
-AD/SB and modification assessmentsAircraft defect / deferred defect control
-Record / technical log control and retention/safekeeping
-Re-checking and archiving of line and base maintenance records
-Preparation of forecasts, work packages, Work  Order, Task Cards and Engineering Orders
-Hard time and Service Life Limited Component Tracking and Control
-Reliability Reporting and Engine Health Monitoring (EHM)
-Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review)
-Maintenance Check supervision and site representation during maintenance events
-Aircraft inspection
-Defect assessment and provision of technical solutions (analysis of Technical Log remarks, monitoring of repetitive defects, occurrence reporting)

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