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Global Aviation Asset Manager

We are an integrated airline solutions provider bringing 21 yеars of experience to the table, specializing in aircraft sourcing, acquisition, leasing, management and disposal. We also provide a complete suite of aviation consultancy services including airline start-up guidance.


We take pride in being customer centric

Our value creation is in our ability to customise our offering to fit our clients' requirements.


Over twenty years of experience

Our main asset is our team consisting of seasoned aviation veterans, which allows us to deliver an exceptional quality service.


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Our Milestones

Our strength stems from the strong relationships that we have developed with our customers and our partners over the last 21 years. With a strong focus on narrow-body aircraft, specifically the Airbus A320 family we are able to expand our brand presence in both established and emerging markets. Our strong team with a stellar track record ready to take on new challenges and explore new frontiers.

One of our main competitive advantages is that we are a team composed of airline operators, so we deeply understand the strict requirements of managing and growing an airline, and are ready to support the ambitious aviators all over the world. We are dedicated to generating consistent and reliable returns for our investors, and growing our portfolio of aircraft and engines.

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Through our passion and focus we bring innovative aviation solutions to the market

Apandi Lakhiyalov, Chairman & Managing Director

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